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From international bestseller Thomas Olde Heuvelt comes Oracle, a supernatural thriller where an omen from our past threatens the return of ancient forces that will change the world forever. The novel heralds the return of Robert Grim, the fan-favorite cult-hero from Olde Heuvelt’s breakthrough novel HEX.

On a foggy winter morning Luca Wolf and Emma Reich discover an eighteenth-century sailing ship stranded on a barren flower field, its name written on its side: Oracle.

Emma, unable to resist, enters the hatch on the tilted deck. The ship’s bell begins to toll and no one sees her again.

Not much later, eleven people have disappeared, Luca and his mother have been absconded by a clandestine government agency which has questions, no answers, and are determined to uncover the ship’s secrets before a media storm erupts.

But as they force Robert Grim, a retired specialist of the occult with a strange history and a healthy dislike of authority, to unravel the mystery, the Oracle is revealed to be a harbinger of an ancient doom awakened underneath the sea.

What follows is a maelstrom of international intrigue, history, young love, humanity’s relationship with climate and disease, and pure terror as they come face to face with an open doorway to apocalypse.

Praise for Thomas Olde Heuvelt

“The long-awaited new novel from the Dutch author of HEX is an ambitious, capacious work […] containing everything from psychological suspense to cosmic horror. With moments of wonder as well as terror, it looks likely to be one of the highlights of this year’s horror scene.”—The Guardian, on Echo

Echo is horrific, poignant, creepy, brilliantly written—expect to see it on bestseller lists and year’s end best lists, and hopefully awards consideration. Don’t sleep on this one.”—Jeff VanderMeer, on Echo

“Totally, brilliantly original.” —Stephen King, on HEX

HEX is creepy and gripping and original, sure to be one of the top horror novels of 2016.” —George R.R. Martin, on HEX

“[A] touch of strangeness, of alienness, avoiding sub-Stephen King clichés. [Olde Heuvelt] has written five novels already, and publishers should be lining up to translate them.” —The Wall Street Journal, on HEX

“[O]ne of the most original, clever, and terrifying books to be published in the 21st century”. —New York Journal of Books, on HEX

Thomas Olde Heuvelt (1983) is the international bestselling author of HEX and Echo. HEX was published in over twenty-five countries around the world and is currently in development for TV. Olde Heuvelt, whose last name in Dutch dialect means “Old Hill,” was the first ever translated author to win a Hugo Award for his short fiction. He lives in The Netherlands and the south of France.

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