Watch the Flashy, Frightening Trailer for Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula

This morning, my husband woke me up with a cup of coffee and a question: “Did you know there’s a Train to Busan sequel coming out?” And if there’s a better way to suddenly find yourself WIDE AWAKE, I don’t know it.

Train to Busan is an absolute masterpiece of zombie cinema, and if you somehow haven’t seen it by now, I’ve dropped streaming links below. The trailer for Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula dropped this morning and it is GLORIOUSLY bonkers, full of glimpses of audacious, visually rich setpieces reminiscent of Mad Max: Fury Road and Mandy. (Astonishingly, they ignored my letters requesting they title it Train 2 Busan, but that’s neither here nor there.)

There’s relatively little plot to be gleaned from the trailer, but what we know is this: four years after the events of Train to Busan, a soldier arrives in the burnt-out remains of a major South Korean city (Busan, one assumes, but who knows). He finds lawless survivors, who appear to be hosting some kind of Thunderdome zombie fight situation, and obviously a shitload of the undead. Gang Dong-won stars as soldier Jung-seok, and Lee Jung-hyun and Lee-Re co-star as two of the survivors he meets.

Train to Busan is streaming on Netflix, Shudder, and most other major streaming platforms. Watch it, watch it again, and then watch the trailer for Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula. The movie is slated for release this summer.

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