Ness Brown’s The Scourge Between Stars is a tense, claustrophobic sci-fi/horror blend in the vein of Alien and Event Horizon.

As acting captain of the starship Calypso, Jacklyn Albright is responsible for keeping the last of humanity alive as they limp back to Earth from their forebears’ failed colony on a distant planet.

Faced with constant threats of starvation and destruction in the treacherous minefield of interstellar space, Jacklyn’s crew has reached their breaking point. As unrest begins to spread throughout the ship’s Wards, a new threat emerges, picking off crew members in grim, bloody fashion.

Jacklyn and her team must hunt down the ship’s unknown intruder if they have any hope of making it back to their solar system alive.

NESS BROWN is an astronomer who teaches astrobiology at several New York City colleges. The Scourge Between Stars is their debut and draws upon their expertise as a scientist and experience as an educator encouraging others to wonder who else might be out there in the universe.

“Trust me, if you think you know where this story is going, you’re wrong. Combines the sudden, heart-rending fear of immediate danger with the freezing spun-out dread of being lost in infinite space. Just wonderful.” —David Wellington, author of The Last Astronaut

“I loved everything about The Scourge Between Stars. From the eerie thumps within the Calypso’s walls—the call is coming from inside the spaceship!—to the mysterious collisions that endanger the aging generation ship, I devoured these pages. Magnificent.” —S. A. Barnes, author of Dead Silence

“Are you afraid of generation ships? And outer space? And dying airless, stranded in nothing? Then keep your eyes out for The Scourge Between Stars, which crosses The Expanse with Pandorum by way of Event Horizon and emerges darkly victorious.” —Gemma Files

“A tense, pulse-pounding adventure…. Ness Brown deftly steers this to a surprising – and all-too-human – conclusion, wresting a glimmer of hope out of the Calypso crew’s despair” —Ada Hoffmann, Philip K. Dick Award finalist, author of the Outside series

“Compulsively readable and packed with both creepiness and outright scares, The Scourge Between Stars is a stellar, perfectly-formed piece of space horror: a smart blend of Alien-esque monsters with the generation-ship existential despair of Aniara.” —Ally Wilkes, author of All the White Spaces

“This is everything I love in dark sf horror: a massive generation ship traversing the black ocean of space; a smart, embattled protagonist struggling to keep both crew and ship alive; and a monstrous, alien presence growing in the shadowy spaces between, ready to burst forth and consume them all…The Scourge Between Stars is an intense and exhilarating read.” —Livia Llewellyn, author of Furnace

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