Announcing What Feasts at Night, A New Novella from T. Kingfisher

Announcing What Feasts at Night, A New Novella from T. Kingfisher

Announcing What Feasts at Night, A New Novella from T. Kingfisher - 555

Announcing What Feasts at Night

Alex Easton, retired soldier, returns in What Feasts at Night, a novella-length sequel to the bestselling What Moves the Dead, coming March 2024!

When Easton travels to Gallacia as a favor to Miss Potter, they find their home empty, the caretaker dead, and the grounds troubled by a strange, uncanny silence.

The locals whisper of a strange breath-stealing being from Gallacian folklore that has taken up residence in Easton’s home . . .

and in their dreams.

Here’s what T. Kingfisher has to say:

When I started writing What Moves the Dead, the one thing I didn’t expect was just how much fun it was to be Alex Easton. I’ve written all kinds of narrators in all kinds of books, but the inside of Easton’s head was just an absolute delight. They were feckless and brave and well-meaning and snide about Americans and just… fun. So of course, I started writing a sequel.

I got about a third of the way through that sequel, and realized that I was writing a third book, not a second book. (Hey, it happens.) That book had to be over there, but there was a different book that had to go here, which I needed to write first. So I set that one down and started on What Feasts at Night, which unfolded in front of me, full of local folklore and trauma, priests and widows, and Easton crashing into the middle of it, trailing chaos in their wake.

I hope you’ll have as much fun reading it as I did getting to write it.

Praise for What Moves the Dead:

“A grotesque romp! It takes up residence beneath your skin and refuses to leave.”—Caitlin Starling, USA Today bestselling author of The Death of Jane Lawrence

“Thoroughly creepy and utterly enjoyable.”—Publishers Weekly

“Creepy, claustrophobic, and completely entertaining, What Moves the Dead left me delightfully repulsed. I adored this book!”—Erin A. Craig, New York Times bestselling author of House of Salt and Sorrows

“A hair-raising, enthralling read.”—Buzzfeed

“T. Kingfisher spins biting wit, charm and terror into a tale that will make your skin crawl. Poe would be proud!”—Brom, author of Slewfoot

What Moves the Dead is lush and genuinely creepy in the most delightful way.”—

“Dissects the heart of Poe’s most famous tale and finds a wholly new mythology beating inside it. …Pure fun.”—Andy Davidson, author of The Boatman’s Daughter

What Moves the Dead is a must-read, period.”—Jordan Shiveley, author of Hot Singles In Your Area

“We guarantee a one-sitting read that will make you back slowly away from fast approaching hares. Be careful not to tumble as the descent is fast, deep and scary.”—Barnes & Noble

“A gothic delight!”—Lucy A. Snyder, author of Sister, Maiden, Monster

“Disgustingly wonderful, genuinely creepy, and will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. I recommend it highly.”—io9

“A fluid technicolor reimagining of Poe’s “House of Usher” that takes no prisoners. . . Not to be missed.”—Brian Evenson, author of Last Days

“Perfectly hair-raising in all the right ways.”—Premee Mohamed, author of Beneath the Rising

“Readers will be rapt as the tension builds to near bursting levels and the true meaning of the title comes into full, skin-crawling view.”—Library Journal


T. KINGFISHER writes fantasy, horror, and occasional oddities, including Nettle & Bone, What Moves the Dead, and A House with Good Bones. Under a pen name, she also writes bestselling children’s books. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, cats, and a large garden full of suspicious mushrooms.

Instagram: @redwombatstudio
Twitter: @UrsulaV

Photo courtesy of J.R. Blackwell

What Feasts at Night will hit shelves in March 2024!

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