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This Month in New Horror Books: March 2020

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel – spring will be here (at least officially) this month! A new month means new books, of course, so we’ve rounded up the coolest new horror books out in March, ranging from Warhammer zombies and two friends battling elder gods to ghosts on the Titanic and girls’ trips gone horribly wrong.

March’s new horror titles:

  • Anathemas, David Annandale (Mar 3): This is the third anthology released from the Warhammer horror series, featuring twisted tales from David Annandale, C L Werner, Darius Hinks, Jake Ozga, Lora Gray, Richard Strachan, and more.
  • Beneath the Rising, Premee Mohamed (Mar 3): Billed as “All the Birds in the Sky meets Lovecraft Country” (that’s a hell of an elevator pitch), this YA novel features two teens making their way through a world at war with eldritch horrors.
  • Sepulturum, Nick Kyme (Mar 3): This Warhammer Horror novel follows a woman stalked by something or someone who goes to ground in a low-hive, only to find herself fighting for her life on two fronts when a plague turns her neighbors into bloodthirsty ghouls.
  • The Deep, Alma Katsu (Mar 10): Alma Katsu follows up her acclaimed Donner Party horror novel The Hunger with another historical horror tale, this one set on the Titanic’s infamous voyage. (And check out our review here!)
  • Song of the Sandman, JF Dubeau (Mar 24): The sequel to Dubeau’s indie sleeper hit A God in the Shed picks up where its predecessor left off, in the wake of a massacre spearheaded by a malevolent deity loosed upon a small town.
  • The Return, Rachel Harrison (Mar 24): A blisteringly scary debut novel from a wildly talented author, The Return follows three friends reuniting with another friend who disappeared two years before, and then turned up one day, subtly changed, with no memory of what happened. A can’t-miss book.

As always, if we missed anything, let us know in the comments!

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