Announcing Trick or Trivia, Our First-Ever Halloween Horror Trivia Night

Announcing Trick or Trivia, Our First-Ever Halloween Horror Trivia Night

Announcing Trick or Trivia, Our First-Ever Halloween Horror Trivia Night - 79

Join Tor Nightfire and Den of Geek for our first ever #TrickorTrivia!

Host Richard Kadrey will quiz masters of horror Cassandra Khaw, Stephen Graham Jones, T. Kingfisher (Ursula Vernon), and Nina Nesseth on all things scary, from cryptids to Camp Crystal Lake, and from Nosferatu to Needful Things.  

Join your favorite authors for an evening of laughs, screams, and brain busters for a scarily good time. With questions from a wide range of film, literary, and other horror entertainment, these authors will battle it out to see who will reign supreme with their horror knowledge.

Watch the entire trivia contest below!


Meet the Contestants:

Cassandra Khaw is an award-winning game writer. Her work can be found in places like F&SF, Lightspeed, and Her first original novella, Hammers on Bone, was a British Fantasy Award and Locus Award finalist. Her new novella, Nothing But Blackened Teeth, is coming out next fall from Nightfire, and her story, “Some Breakable Things,” can be found in Come Join Us By the Fire Season 2. 

T. Kingfisher writes fantasy, horror, and occasional oddities, most recently including The Hollow Places, The Twisted Ones, and Swordheart. Under a pen name, she also writes bestselling children’s books. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, dogs, and chickens who may or may not be possessed. Her novel Nettle and Bone is coming out from Tor in Fall 2021, and her story “Origin Story” can be found in Come Join Us By the Fire Season 2.

Stephen Graham Jones was raised as pretty much the only Blackfeet in West Texas—except for his dad and grandma and aunts and uncles and cousins. He now lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife, a couple kids, and too many old trucks. Between West Texas and now, he’s had seventeen novels and six story collections published. Most recent is Night of the Mannequins, out from Publishing. Stephen teaches in the MFA programs at CU Boulder and UCR-PD.  His story “Midnight Caller” can be found in the first Come Join Us by the Fire audio anthology.

Nina Nesseth is a professional science communicator. She is a staff scientist at Science North in Sudbury, Ontario. She’s also the co-author of The Science of Orphan Black and a regular contributor to Nightmare on Film Street. Her non-fiction book Nightmare Fuel, a pop science look at fear, how and why horror films get under our skin, and why we keep coming back for more—will be published by Nightfire in July 2022.

And our host, Richard Kadrey: Kadrey is the New York Times bestselling author of the Sandman Slim supernatural noir series. Sandman Slim was included in Amazon’s “100 Science Fiction & Fantasy Books to Read in a Lifetime,” and is in production as a feature film. Some of Kadrey’s other books include The Grand Dark, The Everything Box, and King Bullet. In comics, he’s written for Heavy Metal, Lucifer, and Hellblazer. He’s currently partnered with Winterlight Productions for his original horror screenplay, Dark West.

Join Us by the Fire...

Join Us by the Fire...

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