This Month in New Horror Books: November 2020

This Month in New Horror Books: November 2020

This Month in New Horror Books: November 2020 - 209

We’ve got a lighter month, horror fiction-wise (if not reality-wise), in November, but there’s still a lot to be excited about here: dystopian aquatic sci-fi horror, cult horror, 80s throwback retro horror, gothic horror, and more. Enjoy!

Also, a note: we’re continuously updating release dates and newly announced books both here and on our 2020 horror releases master post.

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November’s new horror titles:

  • The Book of Malachi, T.C. Farren (Nov 10): A grim dystopian novel about a mute man who takes a job on an underwater organ-harvesting rig in exchange for the promise of a new tongue.
  • Secret Santa, Andrew Shaffer (Nov 10): A publishing house in the 1980s, a mean-spirited prank war, and a cursed secret santa gift feature in this fun nostalgia-laden romp.
  • The Worm and His Kings by Hailey Piper (Nov 15): Women are disappearing in 1990 New York City, and when Monique’s girlfriend joins their ranks, she’s forced to take matters into her own hands and descend into the horrifying city beneath.
  • Bone Harvest, James Brogden (Nov 17): A widow struggling with a degenerative disease takes solace in her garden allotment – until shadowy strangers start working the land next to hers, to deadly effect.
  • Eartheater, Dolores Reyes, translated by Julia Sanches (Nov 17): A woman driven by her compulsion to eat dirt finds herself granted visions of the murdered and missing in her community.
  • The Children of Red Peak, Craig DiLouie (Nov 17): Two survivors of a cult that met a violent end grapple with their own past experiences and what really happened that night.
  • This Is Not a Ghost Story, Andrea Portes (Nov 17): Daffodil’s house-sitting gig is supposed to be an easy way to make some money before her first year of college – but something in the house doesn’t want her there.
  • Fishing for Dinosaurs and Other Stories, Joe R. Lansdale (Nov 30): A collection of Lansdale’s novellas (including the new “Sixty-eight Barrels on Treasure Lake”), with introductions to each novella from Robin Hobb, Poppy Z. Brite, Richard Chizmar, David J. Schow, and Norman Partridge

As always, if we missed anything, let us know in the comments!

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