This Month in New Horror Books: September 2020 - Tor Nightfire

This Month in New Horror Books: September 2020

Fall is here and we’re officially moving into Spooky Season™! We’ve got a good harvest crop of new horror for you this September, including a new slasher novella from Nightfire fave Stephen Graham Jones, Jeremy Robert Johnson’s viral outbreak novel, a White House ghost story, and more. Read on for all the new horror on sale this month!

Also, a note: we’re continuously updating release dates and newly announced books both here and on our 2020 horror releases master post.

September’s new horror titles:

  • grotesquerie, Richard Gavin (Sept 1): A new collection of short stories both terrifying and luminous from an acclaimed author.
  • Night of the Mannequins, Stephen Graham Jones (Sept 1): Jones’ new novella tells a classic teenagers-in-peril slasher story – with a paranormal twist.
  • The Residence, Andrew Pyper (Sept 1): In 1853, President-elect Franklin Pierce’s beloved son died in a train derailment. Andrew Pyper’s new novel examines the aftermath of that tragedy, once Pierce and his wife Jane take up residence in the White House, where a spirit haunts them.
  • The Ghost Tree, Christina Henry (Sept 8): A new horror novel from the author of Alice, Lost Boy, and the bestselling Black Wings series features a small town with rot at its core and a deadly monster in the woods.
  • The Invention of Sound, Chuck Palahniuk (Sept 8): A father searching for his long-lost daughter finds her at the peak of her success as a Hollywood foley artist with a reputation for being the best when it comes to making horror movies sound convincing.
  • It Will Just Be Us, Jo Kaplan (Sept 8): A gothic tale of two sisters, one of whom is pregnant, trying to survive a dangerous child ghost in a haunted mansion – perfect for fans of Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle.
  • Standalone, Paul Michael Anderson (Sept 14): A buzzy sci-fi slasher novella about killers who murder stragglers and explorers in the margins of society – but they do it to protect all life from extinction. But when something starts hunting the hunters, the multiverse is in dire peril.
  • The Loop, Jeremy Robert Johnson (Sept 29): Billed as Stranger Things meets World War Z, The Loop takes place in a small town in Oregon which experiences a tidal wave of violence after an outbreak at the local biotech research center spills over into the town’s population. (Plus, read our interview with Johnson here!)
  • The Nesting, C.J. Cooke (Sept 29): When Lexi is hired as a nanny for two young girls after the death of their mother, she isn’t quite sure what to expect. But in their home in remote Norway, Lexi’s discovery of a diary, coupled with footprints from nowhere and a ghostly presence, suggests that she and the girls may be in grave danger.
  • Sleep Donation, Karen Russell (Sept 29): This novella, a chilling tale of a fatal insomnia epidemic, was originally published available only in digital form, but this September, it’ll be published as a paperback for the first time – don’t miss it.

As always, if we missed anything, let us know in the comments!

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