Visual Terrors: 4 Must-Read Horror Comics For Your Reading List

Visual Terrors: 4 Must-Read Horror Comics For Your Reading List

Visual Terrors: 4 Must-Read Horror Comics For Your Reading List - 748
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When it comes to comic books and horror, there is a rather fraught and frustrating history that involves censorship, Congressional hearings about comic books and juvenile delinquency, and good ol’ moral panic. However, that’s just a fancy way to say I noticed that we didn’t have a list for comic books or manga on the website, so I decided to whip up some picks to get you started on expanding your horror horizons! For the sake of brevity, there are eight recommendations, but I wanted to split the list into two to give Western comics and manga time to shine on their own lists.

Let’s look outside the book and look at four comics from the realm of comics you should add to your summer reading list.

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Infidel, Pornsak Pichetshote & Aaron Campbell

Billed as a “haunted story for the 21st century,” Infidel follows Aisha, an American Muslim woman, who is desperately trying to get along with her boyfriend’s family, but her apartment building seems to have other plans as it begins to haunt her and her newly found family. On top of ghosts, Aisha has to navigate on dealing with xenophobia and Islamophobia in a tale that strings together a complicated story of navigating white society while horrors of the great beyond are lurking at your door.

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Something is Killing The Children, James Tyrion IV, Werther Dell’Edera, & Miguel Muerto

The children of Archer’s Peak are going missing. Some are ending up dead, but the few that come back have stories of seeing terrifying monsters. There is only one woman who can save the children: Erica Slaughter, monster slayer. Not to give too many spoilery details, but this comic is for those who wanted at least ONE adult to help the Losers’ Club in It!

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Tomboy, Mia Goodwin

Addison Brody is getting ready to celebrate her birthday when her boyfriend/”best friend” and his father are murdered. Something dark begins to occupy Addison’s heart: a fairy from her favorite anime. Teenage girls can be scary, but they’re even scarier when they possess the powers of an eldritch god and have violence in their hearts!


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Harrow County, Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook

Harrow County is a small town nestled in the depths of the countryside with a past that still haunts it to this day. 18 years ago, residents burned a witch who was terrifying their town, and on Emmy’s 18th birthday, strange things are happening, and it seems like the witch isn’t quite dead after all. 

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